Download USB Secure 2.0.2

A secure media device preferably includes a Universal Serial Bus (USB) Mass Storage Class (MSC) interface and a USB Human Interface Device (HID) interface. A storage media area is also preferably provided. The storage media is preferably divided into a secure and nonsecure area by arranging protect usb the storage media into multiple Logical Units (LUNs). The nonsecure area is preferably accessed in a conventional manner using a host USB MSC driver through the USB MSC interface on the storage device. A password dialog application can be located in the nonsecure area of the storage device.

More particularly, a first physical storage area, including sectors 0−x, is preferably mapped to a first virtual LUN (virtual LUN1) corresponding to the public or nonsecure storage area 115. A second physical storage area, including sectors x+1−y, usb protect is preferably mapped to a second virtual LUN (virtual LUN2) corresponding to the secure section 120. The standard USB storage LUN mechanism can then be used to present the nonsecure (public) and secure storage areas 115, 120 to a host device.

These tiny USB flash drives are hard to care of. I lost my USB flash drive in my office, which was stuffed with some confidential information of my employer. My boss found that USB drive and plugged into his computer, but, he could not open it as I was using this amazing software. My boss called me and appreciated my approach towards data security. It was a proud moment for me, thanks to usb lock, otherwise, my job might have been at risk.usb security camera software


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