Endpoint Media Encryption

The more we rely on portable storage devices to house our most important and confidential data, the more cautious we should be regarding the myriad risks associated usb security with portable storage media. The increasing dependance on USB flash drives has aggravated the possibility of data loss, theft, tampering, and snooping!usb security camera

Seriously your that stupid. It has nothing to do with drivers they are talking about the firmware on the controller chip and it doesn’t render the chip unusable it just adds extra code. So it will operate as per usual but also do unwanted things. Think for a minute it doesn’t have to be in usb security the USB drive someone can hack into your computer and reprogram the firmware and yes it is a big deal because it was just suspected now proof of concept code is going to be avail and many people can utilize a place on your devices to hide their code and the key to get into your network.

Nohl’s BadUSB attack, which he revealed at the Black Hat security conference in August, takes advantage of the fact that a USB controller chip’s firmware can be reprogrammed. That means a thumb drive’s controller chip itself, rather than usb lock the Flash storage on that memory stick, can be infected with malware that invisibly spreads to computers, corrupts files stored on the drive, or quietly begins impersonating a USB keyboard to type commands on the victim’s machine.


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